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Thursday, September 21st, 2017

What to Expect from Dementia

Cues: Naturalistic cues can be orienting. The smell of freshly baked muffins can increase appetite. So can large colorful pictures of tasty foods. A sound machine with winds blowing, a babbling brook or gentle ocean waves can help a person settle at bedtime. The smell of bacon cooking and the sounds of birds singing can signal the time to wake. What cues can you think of?

Label Everything: according to their contents… closets, shelves, and bedroom and bathroom drawers.

Safety first: Remove all safety risks like; razor blades, car keys, matches, irons, electric items, knives …

Protect Esteem: Let a person complete as many things independently as possible. Speak to her as an adult and with respect. Try to build & “talk up to”. There are still levels of understanding at all stages. Hurt feelings diminish feelings of value and makes things more difficult for all.

Plan: familiar, predictable and structured activities.

Establish Nighttime Habits: Behavior often worsens as the day wears on. Try to establish calming going-to-bed rituals. Keep your dear one away from activation (like television noise or energetic children). Leave the night lights on. Limit caffeine and daytime napping. Daytime exercise can reduce night restlessness.

Communication: Stand where you can be seen and use a gentle touch to focus attention. Speak with slow, straightforward sentences. Only give one idea or instruction at a time.

Allow a great deal of time for comprehension. It helps to repeat your directions or comments exactly the same way, each and every time.

Reduce Power Struggles:  ALL of them. It just doesn't matter!

Don't insist … change direction and try again later. Agree with every thing or try to distract attention to a different topic.

Always Try to Feel the Feelings Behind The Words: is it really sadness, anger, frustration, or fear? Remain calm, patient, loving, and reassuring. You can go with the flow. Forgive 100% of the time. It's not personal.

Laughter: really is good medicine. It is a hugely valuable remedy to combat sadness, illness, and stress.

Those who work in the field of geriatrics know how difficult dementia in all stages is on the family, especially the primary caregivers. The information on this site is to help all of you cope with one of life’s most difficult chapters.

The best way to help your loved one is to make sure to take good care of yourselves. Delegate when you can ... get rest ... eat well … join a support group ... and try not to take things too overly seriously.


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