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Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Geriatric Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is often helpful for people with early to mid stage dementia and/or for their families. Therapy can address the following:

1. Practical issues (like adjusting: to the need to quit driving, sell homes, give up finances, and to begin residential living when the time is right); or

2. Thinking issues (like memory skills or more positive/spiritual ways to interpret their world); or

3. Emotional issues (like anxiety and depression); or

4. Caregiver aide; to identify, plan, and encourage activities for the patient; to establish their own healthy life balance; to give up guilt and learn to take time for themselves; for improvement of family relationships and the adjustments of everyone; and to help determine timely placements.

Please contact Dr. Walker directly for more information:  321-693-3325

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