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Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

A Place Like Home is considered to be a Small-care Home, Aging in Place, assisted living facility located in Palm Bay, Florida. 

What is an Assisted Living Facility (ALF)?:  An assisted living facility offers an option for seniors who need more care than living at home or in an independent living situation, but who do not need as much specific medical care as those who live in nursing homes.  Assisted living facilities typically offer assistance in most all areas of daily living for those who cannot completely care for themselves.  Yet, ALFs continue to encourage their residents to live as independently as they possibly can. 

What Does Aging In Place Mean?:  Aging in Place means that once residents come to live with us, they can stay with us, forever, if they choose.  This saves uprooting people from where they are comfortable, their "home", as their health begins to decline.  When the time comes, Hospice can come in, if needed, to manage some further health issues.  Unless a serious medical situation arises, that requires constant nursing, there is no need to move residents.  This is helpful for our families, too.

What Services Do ALFs Typically Provide?:  In Florida, assisted living facilities have to follow rather specific and sometimes stringent rules.  These rules are necessary and have been developed over the years to protect the residents.  Therefore, all assisted living facilities must provide the security of 24-hour supervision and assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs).  In addition, many facilites offer 3 meals a day, snacks, housekeeping, laundry, sometimes transportation, social activities and exercise options.

What Are Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)?:  ADLs are all of the things that people need to do in order to negotiate their typical day.  Assistance is offered to whatever degree is needed; in feeding, bathing, grooming, toileting, and medication management.

How Do Large Care Facilities and Small Care Homes Differ?:  Larger care facilities are excellent for those folks who like a lot of people and scheduled activities.  They are often quite lovely.  But, these larger "institution"-like settings will be overwhelming for others.  Many small care homes are intimate, peaceful, and quite lovely, as well.  They are usually operated in a regular residential 3, 4, or 5 bedroom house.  A person living in a small care home will get a lot of individualized attention.  Attention is naturalistic and inherent in a smaller setting.  Small care homes generally cost a good deal less than the larger facilities. 

What Are the Actual Costs Involved?:  Costs will vary according to the level of care needed.  The basic cost will be applied to all those residents who are able to walk freely and self-feed.  Assistance with bathing, grooming, and dressing is expected and included.  Rates will rise progressively if for example they then become incontinent, later need help transfering from one place to another, then total wheelchair transfers, and lastly total care (bedridden).  Small care homes' level of care rates are often raised more moderately than the larger ALFs.  Some assisted living facilities will charge a premium for every service, including as much as hundreds of dollars more to divvy out medications, extra to do laundry, and so on.  So watch out for "hidden" costs. 

Who Pays?:  Assisted living facilities are not covered by Medicare or Major Medical insurance.  Usually the residents, themselves and/or their families private pay for their residential living.  In some cases, residents may be eligible for the Florida Medicaid diversion program.  In many cases, if a veteran, the Aid and Attendance program pays a healthy amount for discharged military and their spouses.

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